Available for keynotes, breakouts, and workshops, Jill has spoken and created workshops for organizations including FM Global, Lifespan, Swarovski, General Growth Properties (Providence Place), Worcester Polytechnic Institute, the Bryant University Women’s Summit, FOX Boston, and CBS Providence in her role as a style correspondent for The Rhode Show.

Jill will bring one of her signature talks to your upcoming event, or craft a presentation especially for you and your audience.

“I hired Jill Marinelli as the featured speaker for an industry-wide meeting to present: “The Power of Personal Style: How to Make a Memorable First Impression While Boosting Your Confidence – and Your Bottom Line.”

Jill addressed what can be a sensitive subject in an informative, insightful and graceful way. Her dynamic presentation, backed by credible studies, made the case for professionals dressing in a manner that is personal, powerful and projects confidence so that our experience, effectiveness and excellence will shine though.

Her expertise combined with an engaging presentation made for a memorable, highly praised experience.”

Andrea McHugh, Marketing Communications Manager
Discover Newport

“I was able to attend Jill’s session at the Bryant University Women’s Summit this year and was blown away by the depth of her presentation.  Jill effectively explained how the way we dress and carry ourselves indirectly communicates so many varied messages- both to others and ourselves.  She integrated research and used great examples of how we can not only amp up our style but also feel fabulous and leave lasting impressions.

Jill is very relatable and approached the subject in a down to earth way, showing that every woman has the capability to make slight tweaks and changes to her style without breaking the bank or getting to her “ideal weight”. The experience was lively and interactive; I couldn’t wait to implement some of Jill’s ideas when it was over!”

Jane McAuliffe, Financial Advisor, CDFA
Axis Advisors and Collaborative Divorce Strategies

“Jill uses evidence-based principles rooted in behavioral science to support her straightforward, simple advice. Her visual aids were powerful but succinct, and she was completely relatable and likable.

Sometimes, we just need to be reminded of what we already know; we need to be given permission to spend extra time and money on things that matter (i.e., make a big impact) and not on things that don’t! I really appreciated Jill’s approach and manner of humanizing embarrassing fashion foibles (like showing up to a meeting with a wrinkled shirt or a run in your nylons) while helping us gain perspective on small, easy fixes that will prevent us from stepping in those same traps over and over again.

I could listen to Jill all day; she is a remarkable person and a wonderful presenter!”

Emily Ryan, VP of Programs & Education
International Live Events Association

“Jill is our go-to fashion guru, lending her knowledge of the latest fashion trends and style secrets every woman wants to know.   She’s a polished speaker and presenter and commands an audience, both live and on video.

In our fashion-based business, Jill has helped our sales force feel confident by looking their best and giving them great style tips they can share with their customers.  Jill is a trusted professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Nicole Polacek, Senior Manager – Promotions, Events & Communications
Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski

Sample speaking topics include:

The Power of Style:
Elevating Your Personal Presence and Professional Image

Utilizing your external image as a tool to reach personal and professional goals, discover how to upgrade your look and boost confidence by simplifying your style, creating a “uniform” and learning the four elements of a great outfit.


Social scientists have proven that what we wear affects our behavior. Does your image reflect who you are and where you want to go? Explore the latest research on topics like first impressions, “enclothed cognition”, and decision fatigue (the average person makes 35,000 decisions a day!).

Cultivating Your Individual Style to Look Great,
Build Trust, and Boost Sales

How are you perceived in the workplace?  It’s all in the details.  The psychology of first impressions, “thin slicing” and why people determine if you are trustworthy in 1/10th of a second.

Looking Your Best at Every Age (40+)

Women in their 40′s, 50′s, 60′s and beyond have never looked better, but there is a huge disconnect between what’s in the fashion magazines and what real women need in their wardrobes to look and feel their best.

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