Dos and Don’ts: Office Holiday Parties

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Are you stressing over what to wear to your office holiday party?  The following are some “Dos and Don’ts”:


1.  Know (and follow!) the dress code. Understand what is expected of you and incorporate a professionally festive tone into your outfit. For more information about dress codes, see this previous post.

2.  Dress conservatively. It is generally safe to wear something that is appropriate for a daytime work environment, adding the right accessories for an evening look.  Speaking of accessories…

3.  Work your accessories. A statement necklace, a bold bangle, some chandelier earrings, or my favorite, a cocktail ring, can be a simple way to add some glamour to your look.  Just don’t wear them all at once, and keep your look balanced.  For example, if you are wearing something with a lot of embellishment at the neckline like the outfit shown, skip a necklace, wear a simple stud earring and add a bold bracelet or belt.


1.  Don’t dress provocatively. This is no time to jeopardize your professional image!  Anything short, tight or revealing should stay in your closet.  Feel free to go sleeveless, but keep the cleavage to a minimum.  Skirts should hit at the knee.

2.  Don’t dress like a Christmas tree. It is neither stylish nor professional to go overboard with the ornament earrings and the flashing Santa pin.  I do not recommend this look.  However, if you must indulge, limit it to one piece of ornamentation.

3.  Don’t overdo your makeup. A red lip or a smokey eye are great for evening, but together they can be too much.  Keep shimmer limited to eye shadow – shimmer on your face looks a bit more nightclub than office party.

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