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One of the privileges I have as a stylist is seeing the inner transformation that can occur when someone’s outsides are spruced up a bit.  There is a ripple effect that happens when someone looks good and feels good.  They have an energy about them that affects everyone they come in contact with.

It was lovely to read someone else’s words about their reaction to seeing one of my clients “looking fierce”.

Persephone Brown is a health coach who primarily counsels women in the art of self-care.  The following is an excerpt from her blog post entitled, Yoga Pants are for Yoga:

The other day I met some friends and their children at the park. One of the mom’s, and fellow health counselor, showed up looking fierce. She had just returned from a consultation with a client and from her hair to her shoes she looked professional, fun, and sexy. Apparently a friend, who works as a stylist, gave her a little guidance and supported her to pass on some of her more difficult to get rid of clothing items that no longer suited her (ie:maternity clothes). Her stylist nicely suggested she stop wearing yoga pants to work and to save them for the gym. This experience seemed to have breathed new life into my friend, she looked on the outside how she felt on the inside.  You can’t get much more authentic than that.
This got me thinking… Does your current style support who you are and where you want to go?
I have always admired people who took the time to put themselves together in a way that reflects how they feel on the inside, the colorful, fun, funky ones. Admittedly I spend a majority of the winter in my pajamas or my “yoga clothes”. I’m on Block Island, I see no one, I work from home, I get dressed when I am leaving the island or meeting with a client and that’s pretty much it. Even when going for walks I just put my coat on over my slug-wear. Do I think this supports who I am and where I want to be going with my life? Nah- ah. I feel so much better the days I get dressed, and better still on the days I really get it together and dress nice. I am more motivated, feel better in my skin, and confident. What I recognize though is this takes energy, what I know is energy creates momentum and in turn creates more energy.
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