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Recently I met with fellow stylist Tracey Sloan to discuss a possible collaboration.
After talking business for a while, we started comparing notes on our favorite beauty products.  As it turns out, Tracey knows her sunless tanners!  She has tried them all and has tips to share, so I invited her to contribute an article to my website.

Read on to discover her favorites, one of which has been featured in Oprah, Real Simple and InStyle magazines!

It’s summer and everyone is asking the same question: “What is the best sunless tanner to use?”  Well, I have tried them all and most of them over promised and under delivered!  Between the smell, streakiness, and orange color I almost gave up on self tanners.  However, I have found two that deliver amazing results.  Jill has added a third that she loves, both for it’s performance and its affordable price.

1. Diana B. 60 Second Instant Tanning Mousse ($60) is for an immediate tan with none of the telltale sunless tanner smell.  The results are streak-free and natural.  This formula is unique in that its key ingredient, a sugar protein, is activated by water.  You apply this while you are in the shower!  The mousse has a slight chocolate smell but it goes away after you rinse.  Follow these steps:

♦ Once you are finished with your shower, turn water off and apply the mousse to your body in circular motions.

♦ Let the mousse stay on for 60 to 90 seconds and rinse off.

♦ Lightly towel dry and then follow with moisturizer.

2. Dr. Adrienne Denese has come up with a truly revolutionary self tanner that really works!  Look for Dr. Denese Glow Younger Self Tanning Glove ($42 for 12 or $3.75 for an individual application).  The application is simple but I suggest the following steps:

♦ Take a shower and exfoliate before using any sunless tanner to remove dry patches and avoid blotchiness.

♦ Apply lotion to your elbows, knees, tops of toes, in between toes, tops of fingers and in between fingers.  This helps the product blend in areas that can wind up looking too dark/dirty otherwise.

♦ Apply tanner in circular motions and be sure to pay extra attention to hands and feet, adding a little more moisturizer after applying the tanner (this ensure a smooth, natural result).

It takes about 5 minutes for it to dry so wait a few minutes before you get dressed.  The tan will develop over several hours so you may want to apply this before bed (no, it won’t come off on your sheets!)  You will wake up with a beautiful healthy glow.

3. Quick Tan Sunless Tanning Mist by Body Drench ($8.15) delivers a fabulous golden tan and earns rave reviews from die-hard tanners, as evidenced here.  Since it is a spray, the only drawback is that it can be messy.  Cover the floor of your bathroom or better yet, step outside to spray!  The best part about this product is that it delivers instant results that you control yourself.  Just spray more to intensify your tan.  Note:  When using any sunless tanners, use latex gloves to protect the palms of your hands.

If you are in the NJ or Philadelphia areas and need a stylist, contact Tracey at

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