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This is a guest post by professional organizer Janine Cavanaugh.  Janine is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and organizes “places, spaces and stuff” – including closets.  She shared with me her top tips to keeping your wardrobe uncluttered:

1.  Assign a Home
Every category of clothing or accessories, such as shirts, pants, shoes, sweaters, purses, etc. should have its own designated home. This makes it easier for you to retrieve items, put them away and also reduces the chance of losing them.

2. Create Daily Habits
Set aside 5 minutes a day to organize your wardrobe. Giving yourself time to put clean clothes away, put shoes back in the shoe rack, remove clothes from dry cleaner bags, store unused hangers and other such activities will keep your wardrobe organized and easily accessible on a daily basis.

3. Maximize Closet Space
Take advantage of every inch of available space in your closet. Measure your space exactly, then custom fit the space and install rods, shelves and hooks to accommodate your needs. An efficient space allows you to see and reach everything.

4. Create a Donation Box
If you’re not wearing it, ask yourself, “Why am I keeping it?” Establish an area to hold these items until you can donate them. Adopt a friend or charity to donate to, or have a clothing exchange with family and friends. If you are unsure about which items to keep and which to give away, hire a personal stylist to help you.

5. Separate Seasonal
Store off-season clothing in another area, such as a basement, attic or separate closet. Use appropriate containers that are properly labeled to hold these items.

6. Schedule Regular Purging
Mark your calendar for seasonal cleaning out twice a year. This regularly scheduled purging prevents stockpiling and keeps your wardrobe current.

7. Learn to Let Go
You deserve to look your best even when exercising, gardening or walking the dog. Toss clothing that is torn, stained or faded.

8. Practice Proper Maintenance
Making an investment in your wardrobe with proper laundering, ironing and tailoring boosts your self-esteem as well as your willingness to keep your wardrobe organized.

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  • Hannahmarcotti

    I love number 7!!! That one has been so helpful for me, I even feel pretty when I sleep after you helped me let go of all the clothes I was holding onto.

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