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Ask Style: How to Look Slim in a Sweater?

How can I wear a comfy thick sweater for fall and still look like I have a figure?
—Jessica, via the Ask Style inbox

It’s getting cold, I get it. You wanna pile on the layers like an Eskimo, but avoid looking like the Michelin Man. Is it too much to ask? Personal style guru Jill Marinelli doesn’t think so. According to her, the number one way to layer up and look thin is to pay attention to proportion. But just what does that mean?

“You will want to balance the bulkiness of the top with a slim bottom such as skinny jeans, leggings, or a pencil skirt,” says Marinelli. It follows that if lean silhouettes are a go, then wide-leg pants or voluminous skirts are an absolute no.

As for the sweater itself, look for a version that hits just above the hips and lightly hugs your body. The key word here is lightly. If your sweater makes you look like a sausage-encased version of yourself, please reconsider.

Marinelli’s last surefire way to rock a chunky knit is to invest in a sweater coat. Most come with a built-in cincher that will “define your waist and create an hourglass shape.” Don’t want to splurge on a whole new sweater? The savvy stylist suggests adding your own belt to create curves.

See? It’s easier than you thought to beat the bulk and keep warm.

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