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I took a trip to Florida last week to work with a new client in Fort Myers. I had to share these beautiful words from Michelle, who said she could not cut this down to make it a “short and sweet” testimonial!

“Having been on a 12-year roller coaster with my weight, I had accumulated multiple wardrobes over the years. Never had I considered what clothes looked best on me nor had I ever given any thought to what I wanted to project about myself with my image. Instead, I grabbed random items off the clearance racks when convenient or necessary. I had acquired a collection of clothing items that went on my body, but none that “fit” me. After a 25 pound weight loss and a lifetime commitment to wellness, my husband recently bought me the perfect birthday present – time with Jill Marinelli!

I was nervous about meeting with her out of fear that she would judge me or that she would be overwhelmed with the amount of work it would take for me to be “transformed”. Jill was anything but judgmental! She was warm and inviting and made efficient use of every moment we had together! I could tell that she sincerely cared about me. She was determined to give me an education about clothes, fashion, and personal image that I could immediately apply to my busy life as a business owner and mother of three.

After discussing my image and specifically what I wanted to project about myself through my authentic (developing) style, Jill taught me about my body’s proportions and showed me what styles would compliment my body. Prior to meeting Jill, I had resorted to a “uniform” of t-shirts and cut-off jeans with pony tail and small silver hoop earrings. Instead of telling me how wrong that look was for me, Jill simply insisted that I “upgrade” my uniform! She showed me which jeans looked best and several options for tops that would accent the jeans. Then, she introduced me to my favorite (and admittedly the most uncomfortable part), accessorizing! I feel like a whole new woman now!

I now have the tools that will forever change the way I shop, the types of clothes I buy, and most importantly, the way I see myself. I am a “chic mom” and can emit the educated, confident, inviting person that I am to everyone I come in contact with! I will be forever grateful for my husband who loves me enough to buy me such a life-changing gift… and for my new teacher and friend, Jill Marinelli!”

-Michelle T., Fort Myers, FL

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  • Hannah Marcotti

    Michelle, I could feel your joy in your words. Jill is amazing at what she does and I’m so glad she was able to share the experience with you.

    You look beautiful!

    • Michelle

      Thanks, Hannah! It was an honor to meet and work with someone who is so effectively using her knowledge and personality to help others! 🙂

  • lynne ghenov

    wow, Jill, what an amazing testimony to your talent and your heart! So glad you had such a positive and life changing experience, Michelle! It would be easy for someone to come in and “dress” you or give you a great outfit but it is truly helpful to real life, to have someone teach you. Tools you can use always.

  • jmstylist

    Thanks for the kind words everybody!

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