Spring Fever!

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Along with my first glimpse of the sun, I get serious spring (and summer) fever. I start daydreaming about the beach and summer dresses and adding color to my world…

I’m not the only one – my daughter wore her bathing suit and Crocs to preschool the other day (smartly layered with tights and a cardi, of course)! I think she may have incorporated every color of the rainbow into her outfit.

In this season of new beginnings, spring cleaning can mean more than an organized closet. It can mean a new look, newfound confidence, a new job, a new chapter in life. The possibilities are endless.

My passion is helping women see their natural beauty and then showing them how to bring it out. I have seen amazing transformations happen – when women see themselves differently on the outside, their insides inevitably change. Which is so, so cool.

Check out my spring special, below, for your fresh start. Because if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to have a cute outfit at the ready when the weather heats up enough for outdoor margaritas!

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