The Case for a Splurge?

 In Style and Spirit

Kyran Pittman was in the bathtub one evening reading yet another magazine article about “must-have” wardrobe staples.  Some quick math told her these “essential” items added up to $10,000.

A freelance writer, Pittman contacted an editor at Good Housekeeping with a challenge:  let an average woman test-drive these “must-haves” and decide just how essential they are.

Shockingly, they took her up on it, and flew her to New York City to shop, with a town car and driver, for the pieces recommended in the article.  She visited Prada (“a religious experience”) and shoe-shopped at Manolo Blahnik (“I was a hundred feet tall, a supermodel-rock star.”)

And although she loved her Gucci sunnies and Louis Vuitton handbag, she had the following to say about how the experience made her feel:

“The real ‘must-have’ is the woman I kept running into all over New York City:  the one standing a hundred feet tall and fabulous in the mirror every time I turned around.  The woman who’s allowed as much time as she needs to discover what she wants.  The one who walks confidently through doors that are opened for her and is free to enjoy beautiful unnecessary things without the fear that she’s losing her soul.  The one who can dream up things that are wildly impossible from the bathtub and watch them come true.

If it takes wearing something special on the outside to remind me I am always her on the inside, I think that’s okay.  You can call it an investment.  But it isn’t in the clothes.”

*Moms:  check out her hilarious book, “Planting Dandelions”, here.

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