Smart Packing for your Summer Getaway

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(FOX Providence) – Summer is the perfect time for vacation, and as we make those travel plans we find ourselves asking an age-old question, ‘What do I pack?’ To help you avoid paying extra fees for clothes you don’t need, the Rhode Show headed to Macy’s to find out just what you need to pack.

When facing those packing woes, remember this: versatile clothing, jewelry and shoes are key for fitting everything you need into just one suitcase.

“You definitely want to pack neutrals….where everything matches everything,” says personal stylist Jill Marinelli.

Her secret to packing light? Denim. “If you do a pair of denim shorts and a denim skirt, then most of your tops are going to be able to mix and match.You’re going to be able to come up with more outfits that way, and pack less.”

“For summer weekends away…you definitely want to think about beautiful beach coverups…because they pack really easily and they’re multipurpose.”

Jill also calls a maxi dress the “ultimate in versatility.”

To compliment your neutral clothing, choose neutral accessories that can transform any outfit from day to night.

Jill recommends packing just two pairs of shoes. “I know a lot of us pack a pair of black shoes, a pair of brown shoes. But if you go with neutral tones, it’s going to go with everything.” A neutral wedge and pair of flats is all you need to get you through your summer getaway. “Two pairs, that’s it.”

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