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(FOX Providence) – You’ve seen the looks you love grace the catwalk, but yet, have no idea how to incorporate these high-end designs into your everyday life. Well, it’s much easier than you think.

Personal Stylist Jill Marinelli joined The Rhode Show with tips on how to apply runway ideas into everyday life.

Jill’s Tips:

1.  First, check out the designer. Don’t assume they are out of your range.  Many designs are more affordable than you think!

2.  Identify specifically what you loved about the look.  Was it the accessories? The styling? The colors? The materials? The cut?

3.  Once you identify what it is that attracts your eye, you can re-create the looks at affordable stores like H&M and Forever 21.

4.  Don’t take it so seriously.  Have fun with fashion.  Wear what you like.  If it makes you feel great, it works!

For more on the designers showing at StyleWeek Providence, go to:

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