First Impressions and The Power of Image

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Published : Monday, 03 Oct 2011, 10:49 AM EDT

(FOX Providence) – Does a first impression last the longest? Experience shows us first impressions matter.  Click here (or above) for video.

From everyday life and basic interactions, to important meetings, your image speaks volumes about you before you even say a word.

Your appearance is your business card; it is what people see first and often how they will form opinions regarding you. Whether you are a business professional or a soccer mom you will constantly be judged through first impressions. Even when you do not think your appearance is going to be important you should still take a moment to make sure you are putting forth the first impression that you want others to see.

Research about first impressions at Harvard University concluded that we make an in-depth and long-lasting impression in a mere two seconds.  Perhaps more surprising, the first impression is seldom subject to change.

When you meet someone face-to-face, 93% of how you are judged is based on non-verbal data – your appearance and your body language.  Only 7% is influenced by the words that you speak.

Social psychologists studying the impact of image have determined that someone meeting you for the first time will make up to 10 decisions or judgments about you within the first 30 seconds. These include your economic and educational levels, trustworthiness, social position, level of sophistication, economic heritage, social heritage, success and moral character.

Jill’s tips on how to look your best with little effort:
1. Cleanup your closet! We wear 20% of our clothes, 80% of the time – purge what’s not working for you!
2. Develop a “uniform” – this can be done with the simplest of pieces like jeans and a t-shirt
2. Be yourself and reflect that in your wardrobe.

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