The Rhode Show: Bra Fitting 101

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By now you’ve probably heard that 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra.  (And Oprah has staged a few bra interventions to let us know!)

I have two important pieces of information for you, and I’m not going to beat around the bush:

1.  The perfect position for your breasts is midway between your shoulders and your elbows.
2.  The right bra can make you look younger and thinner by lifting your chest and extending your torso, thereby visually slimming the waist.

Sound good?

If a bra isn’t doing your girls justice, see a professional bra-fitter asap!  Getting measured is free and well worth your time.  I recommend SOMA and Nordstrom, both known for their bra experts.

Buying tips:

  • When you try on a bra, make sure it fits you on the loosest hook. Bras stretch over time and when that happens, you can tighten the bra to the second and third hook to retain firmness and lift.
  • Get measured every 6 months or with the loss/gain of 5 pounds.
  • Racerback styles can be great for women with sloped shoulders (who otherwise often have shoulder strap slippage).

“Must-haves” for your bra wardrobe:

  1. T-shirt bra – A super comfortable bra with soft, molded, seamless cups that “disappears” under thin fabrics like light sweaters and t-shirts.
  2. Convertible / Strapless bra This is a must-have for tops and dresses with tricky necklines or backs. One of my favorites is the Biofit 7-way bra by Victoria’s Secret. Use it for strapless, one-shoulder looks, and more!
  3. Racerback bra – The straps of this bra come together in the back for a no-show look under sleeveless tops and tanks.
  4. Something sexy! – You can’t go wrong with something red, lace, or animal print. Whatever makes you feel fabulous!
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