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Published : Wednesday, 09 Nov 2011, 10:34 AM EST

When it comes to getting dressed and looking good, there is one foolproof way to make sure that you are always looking your best. And that is of course dressing for your body type.

Personal Stylist Jill Marinelli joined The Rhode Show with tips on how to do it right.

The Hourglass

  • Emphasize the smallest part of your body
  • Keep any embellishment on the top or the bottom very equal
  • A wrap dress is fantastic for this shape because hour glasses have a wonderful waistline
  • A wrap top and bootcut jeans are another great option for this shape because it balances out the hip

The Rectangle

  • Try to stay away from belts, as it’s an area you won’t want to emphasize
  • A great trick for a rectangle shape is adding a jacket to your look. If you find a great fitting jacket that nips in at the waist, it can create curcves that are not there.

The Triangle Shape

  • Try to broaden the top part of your body to balance the bottom part
  • Scarves or belts can add some visual girth
  • Accessorize to draw the eye up where areas are smaller

The Inverted Triangle

  • A halter top can create the illusion that the top of your body is smaller
  • Bubble skirts, anything with fullness can create that hour glass look

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