The 3-Step Guide to Finding your Unique Style as a Mom

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This is a guest post originally written for The Mom Writes.

In my work as a personal stylist, I have found that the women who are happiest with their appearance are those who feel their wardrobe is a true reflection of who they are. As humans, we all want to be known, and our appearance is a way of communicating with others.

I like to ask my clients, “When people look at you, what do you want them to know about you?”

Moms often find themselves in an “all or nothing” style situation – all dressed up for a meeting, or a bit too sloppy when hanging out with the kids. So many of us lack that middle ground of clothing – cute outfits that are casual enough to be with the kids but perhaps just “put together” enough to run into a client!

To create your own unique style, I recommend the following three steps:

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