It’s that time again – bathing suit shopping!

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Believe it or not, the time to shop for a bathing suit is NOW.  If you wait until summer, you will find many colors and styles have sold out and retailers have moved on to fall fashions.  Bathing suit shopping is the last thing we need to be MORE difficult, so do yourself a favor and get to it!


To find the perfect suit for you, determine your body type, then shop only the shapes and styles that will flatter you. Don’t waste time on suits you may love but don’t love you back! To determine your body type, take this quiz or identify yourself in the pictures and video below.

Also – shop online.  Spare yourself the torture of trying on a zillion bathing suits in horrible fluorescent-lit fitting rooms!!  Many retailers will offer free shipping with a minimum purchase. You will only be charged shipping on what you return, a small price to pay for the opportunity to try on in the privacy of your (perhaps candlelit?) bedroom!  (I also recommend wine.)

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The hourglass figure, which tends to be the coveted body type, is someone who has shoulders and hips that are in proportion to each other and a small defined waist. The best swimsuit for this body type is anything with an evenly proportioned top and bottom.

The rectangle body type also has shoulders and hips that are in proportion to each other, but with a larger waist. Rouching, diagonals, or crisscrossing help slim down this figure, as well as a v-neck top.

A triangle body type is someone who is fuller on their bottom half. Someone with this “pear-shaped” body wants a bathing suit that brings the attention upwards, such as a swimsuit with horizontal stripes on the top and plain bottoms.

The inverted triangle figure has broad shoulders and/or a large bust but smaller hips or thighs. The right swimsuit for this body type is one that directs the attention downwards. A plain top with a patterned bottom is ideal for slimming down this shape.

*Don’t forget to order up a size from your usual clothing size.

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