All my clothes shrunk this summer.

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All my clothes shrunk this summer.beach

(Not really – but I’ll admit that I allowed myself to believe that for about 5 minutes.)

Truth is, every summer, I gain a few pounds, mainly due to my penchant for eating and drinking outdoors.

I just don’t want to deny myself the pleasure of pizza on the beach at sunset with the kids, margaritas on the patio of my favorite Mexican restaurant, and homemade sangria!

But this summer threw a few stressful curveballs my way, and before I knew it, I had managed to eat and drink my way from a “few” summer pounds to seven summer pounds. Blech.

My clothes are tight and I don’t feel comfortable in my skin. I feel a bit down. I kind of beat myself up about it.

And I know I’m not the only one that feels this way.

So many of my clients are “waiting to lose 10 pounds” before they go shopping – or otherwise punishing themselves for not looking the way they think they should.

I always advise them to honor and dress for who they are right now. There’s really nothing like self-care to make you feel better, and therefore do better.

In my case, I sign up for a race so I have a fitness goal, remind myself that eating well is a form of self-love, and cut out the booze 😉

But change doesn’t happen overnight, so:

How to deal with temporary weight gain when you’re not going out and buying a whole new wardrobe?

Wrap dresses – thank god for these things. Mostly made of stretch jersey and somewhat adjustable, you can get away with some extra pounds in these flattering, classic dresses. (Also a great tip for newly pregnant women who need some extra room before converting to full-on maternity wear).

Makeup – even (especially!) when you don’t feel like it, put some extra effort into your makeup. It will give you a lift and make any outfit look better.

High heels – they’re just sexy. And they make you look longer and leaner.

Big hair – the bigger the hair, the smaller the body looks. I’m kind of kidding, but not really.

Movement – besides the obvious benefits to your physical body, exercise releases endorphins that have been shown in studies to be as effective as anti-depressant medications!

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