Friday Favorites: Kate Spade iPhone Case

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Once, when I was in crisis, a dear friend put me in the car and took me to the zoo.

When we got to the giraffes, we sat in silence for a good long while.  There was something about being in the presence of these animals that was so peaceful and comforting.  Watching them stroll around the enclosure, their graceful bodies barely making a sound, was just what I needed that day.

So when I stumbled upon this iPhone case on Amazon, I was reminded of a friend who loves me and a sense of peace even amidst incredible stress.

The colors are so not ‘fall’.  It’s bright and loud, unlike the neutral, more sophisticated accessories I typically gravitate toward.

But it makes me very happy 😀

p.s. If you love them like I do, check out this giraffe cam.

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