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The key to creating a stylish maternity look is to invest in a few beautiful maternity pieces, creatively integrate your non-maternity clothes, and then accessorize like crazy!

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  • Take stock of your non-maternity wear that can be worn through much of your pregnancy.  Cardigans and jackets can be left unbuttoned and used as layering pieces.  Tunics and leggings can be worn well into the 2nd trimester.
  • Accessories are “one size fits all” and can bring attention to areas you would like to focus on, like your face.  A long necklace will keep the eye moving up and down, resulting in a longer and leaner appearance.  Scarves and handbags are a great way to add some color to your maternity basics.
  • Balance volume and wear it on just one half of the body – keeping the other half fitted will help make you look neater and slimmer.

Must haves: designer denim, a great wear-it-everywhere t-shirt, colorful scarves, statement necklaces, and a wrap dress (dresses can be a lot more comfortable than pants when you are pregnant, giving you the freedom of not having a waistband digging into your belly.)

Splurge on designer denim and a few great tops, knowing they will carry over for you to wear in the “4th trimester” – after the baby arrives and before you fit back into your regular clothes.

Save on trendier pieces that may not last more than a season or two, like costume jewelry and faux leather leggings.

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