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I recently had the chance to speak with best-selling Los Angeles-based author (and owner of Zweena Body CareJayme Barrett, who is coming to Rhode Island November 12-13 to present two workshops, “Feng Shui Your Life” and “Feng Shui for Beauty“.

FSYLcoverwebJayme has studied beauty from nearly every angle, and I love her take on how one cultivates beauty through their personal environment, attitude, wishes, and inner practices.

Her workshops are being presented by The Living Room and Alayne White Spa (love and love!) – hope to see you there!

Q:  I love how you say that you can create an environment that is “the blueprint for your destiny”.  How can we apply the principles of feng shui to personal style?

Jayme:  Your personal style is how you share who you are and what is important to you with the world. Think about how you want to be seen in the world. Do you want to emphasize your face, body, personality? How you dress, the colors you wear, the style of your hair all share who you are. Think about what energy you want to send out into the world and dress accordingly.

Q:  I talk a lot about the value of beauty and how it affects one’s self-confidence.  Why do you think it’s important for people’s homes to be beautiful?

Jayme Barrett

Jayme:  Like a mirror, our homes reflect our inner state. If your home is dark, cluttered full of items that make you sad or angry, it will deplete your energy and sabotage your success. When you are surrounded by beauty, it seeps into your whole being and encourages happiness, inspiration and gratitude. These emotions make you look and feel beautiful. In addition, you’ll feel confident and excited to invite friends, colleagues and romantic partners to visit you. When you’re embarrassed about the state of your home, it limits positive social interactions.

Q:  Can you give some advice on feng shui for your closets and the spaces where you store your wardrobe?  How can these best be energized?

Jayme:  It’s very important for women to feng shui their closets so they can get ready in the morning with ease and happiness. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit, remind you of an unhappy time in your life, and don’t express your authentic self. Take clothes to the dry cleaners, get items hemmed, and generally mend anything that’s in need of repair. You can arrange your closets either by color or by outfits that are easy to put together. There’s nothing worse than trying on ten outfits and throwing them all on the bed in frustration. That scenario creates negative energy on every level. Keep your clothes off the floor since items on the ground bring your energy down. You want your closet to be beautiful and well organized to send you on your “merry” way.

Q:  Love that.  You talk about symbolic feng shui in your home.  Is your wardrobe a form of symbolic feng shui?  Can feng shui guide how one styles their wardrobe and dresses? 

Jayme:  Absolutely. What is your wardrobe saying about you? Are you wearing images that represent life (like florals) or death (skulls)? Each color gives off a different vibration. Pink is for love, red is for power/passion, yellow is for health, orange is for enthusiasm, lavender is for spiritual connection.

Q:  I know you were really close with your mom, who taught you a lot of what you now do and love. What was some of her best advice to you, and what should we be teaching our daughters about inner feng shui? 

Jayme:  My mother, Merrily, was an inspiration to me and many others. She was a healer, therapist and an exceptional human being. She consistently told my sister and I that we didn’t have to ‘do anything’ or ‘be anything’ other than ourselves to be loved. This made us feel confident when other girls might have doubted themselves. My mom thought outside the box and was untraditional. She followed her intuition and encouraged us do the same. As very young girls, she taught us how to de-stress through meditation, yoga, communication and the concept of “being loving over being right.” Every mother should teach her daughter to love herself exactly as she is.

For more on Jayme’s Feng Shui workshops in RI, visit The Living Room.

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