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It’s still summer. Forget the old rules about not wearing white after Labor Day; I say dress appropriately for the weather (and in my part of the country it has been steamy)!

This July I moved to a new town (East Greenwich, RI peeps: click here for an EG-only special!) Between work, the move, and getting the kids adjusted, it was the busiest summer of my life. I looked the part, feeling bedraggled and wearing the same pair of jean shorts and t-shirt more times than I’d like to admit. I didn’t do my hair, I didn’t wear make up and generally looked a bit disheveled.

summer selfie

Here’s a bare-faced selfie in the above-mentioned t-shirt and bad hair – luckily the kids were having fun!)

What I noticed after about 6 weeks of barely getting dressed is that I was starting to feel a bit down on myself. I also tend to gain weight in the summer though thankfully not as much as last year.

Today, I put on my favorite pair of skinny jeans and a cute new top, did my hair and make up, and took off to meet with a new client. What a difference it made!

I know I’m not the only one who gets in a rut sometimes and starts to feel crappy about it. But I noticed that I was focusing on my weight when really a few other tricks in the hair, makeup, and wardrobe department made me feel a whole lot better.

If you’re feeling a bit blah about how you look, I encourage you to spend a little extra time on yourself the next chance you get. It is amazing what some make up, a blowout and a great outfit can do for your spirit!

And a funny thing happens when you feel better about yourself. You start to be kinder and more social with others. You might even make a better choice about what you eat or decide to exercise a little bit more. Too often we punish ourselves with negative thoughts about our bodies and external appearance, but the key is really to be kind to ourselves, take better care of our inner selves, and maybe even spend 10 extra minutes in the bathroom in the morning to give us a little boost.

I’m writing a book about the spirit of style and I’d love hear from you. Comment below or email me and tell me about your biggest style struggles with how you look and feel. I’d be honored to hear your stories.

With kindness and compassion,

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  • Devienna

    Jill, this is so so true. Sometimes when we are constantly on the run, we put ourselves at the bottom of priority list. I have a great tip for bad hair days. Put your hair up and put on your favorite funky earrings. I have my stash of “bad hair day earrings”. Here is to 10 extra minutes in the bathroom! Great post!

    • jmstylist

      I love it Devienna! #reallife

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