Friday Favorites: Hudson Colette Skinnies

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Yep, they are expensive, but if you wear jeans like I do, the cost-per-wear justifies the price pretty quickly.  (Take the cost of a garment and divide it by the number of times you will wear it.)

If you buy fewer, more expensive pieces of clothing and wear them a lot, you may wind up spending the same (or less!) overall than women who consider themselves bargain shoppers.  Many a bargain shopper has a closet stuffed full of clothes they consider “deals” but that they don’t actually wear…

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  • deb walsh

    Hey Jill!

    Shopping with you for the perfect jeans was one of the best fashion collaborations I’ve had in years. Not only did I have my size, shape and fit all wrong, but you steered me through the “correction” with grace, skill and most importantly – fun!

    I absolutely adore my AG Skinnies, and I can say without a doubt that I would never have found them without you. And if I had, I’m sure I would have bought the wrong size!

    I get compliments on these jeans and how I look in them all the time. A millions thanks for schooling me. Every woman needs to treat herself to a day with Jill and to finding HER perfect jeans. I have a great “after” pic if you’d like to share it:)

    xx Deb

  • jmstylist

    Thank you Deb! I’d love to share the after pic of you rocking your AG’s!

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