When women look at themselves in a different way, in awe.

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(From “The Spirit of Style”)

My friend Tara lost 18 pounds from her 5’4” frame by changing her diet to whole foods, and avoiding gluten, sugar and dairy.

We got together for a girls’ weekend and as she walked away from our table, her jeans were sagging a bit, so I shouted after her, “T, you need new jeans and a new bra!”

A month later, I went to NYC to visit her and she still had not bought these crucial items.

“I wanted to wait and go with you because I know you will tell me the truth,” (about proper fit) she said.

Off we went to Ralph Lauren’s Denim and Supply for a pair of jeans.

“I think you are a size 28.”

“No way.  There’s no way I’m a 28”, she said as we looked through the stacked denim.

I’d been here before.  Women who have lost significant amounts of weight have a hard time accepting their new size.  They are stuck in the “fat mentality” (and Tara was never fat).

I can relate because I had acne and other skin issues and now actually get compliments on my skin.  It feels so strange to hear – and I feel like people are saying it to be nice, or otherwise fool me.  It has still not sunk in that I have decent skin now – even nice skin.

“Ok, well just bring the size 28’s into the dressing room to humor me.”

Knowing she wouldn’t, I grabbed a pair and flung them over my shoulder.

When we got to the dressing room, I let her try on the 29’s first, and showed her the extra material on her bum that indicated they were a little too big.

“Try on the 28’s.”


She was annoyed, but put them on to prove to me that I was wrong, and that there’s no way she is a 28…

Until she zipped them up, no problem, and they looked awesome.

“Oh my god.”

“Yup.  You look hot!”

“Oh my god.  Am I a 28?”

“Yes, Tara, you are a 28.”

“But I’ve always been a 30!  I’ve never been a 28!”

“You lost almost 20 pounds.  That is legit two sizes.”

“Oh my god.  They look good, right?”

She kept looking at herself in disbelief.

I love that moment.  When women look at themselves in a different way, in awe, and feel downright hot.

“Oh my god, I’m a size 28.”

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