Purging…and Peace

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Davis10-500x334It’s a week before Thanksgiving and as I prep my house (read: throw everything away) to host family, I’ve been thinking about purging as a path to happiness and peace.

Organizational experts say that everything in our lives should be beautiful or useful.

I say that while all of the spaces in your home affect the way you feel, your closet is one of the most important because it is where you start each day.

When you look inside your closet, do you feel a sense of expansiveness and ease, or feelings of constriction and stress?

Imagine starting your morning in a closet that is filled only with clothes that fit you, flatter you, and make you feel fabulous.

How would that impact the rest of your day?


You can have that peaceful feeling of ahhhhhhhhh when you start your morning and carry it with you throughout the day.

And I can help you get there. Click here to learn more about working with me, or contact me for individual advice about your needs.

I also have gift certificates for the special ladies in your life!

Enjoy the season 🙂


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  • Tammy

    Love love love your style tips..

    • Jill Marinelli

      Thank you Tammy!

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