Fashion vs. Style

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Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 5.12.00 PMFashion is intimidating.  Shit, fashion intimidates me.

And here’s the truth: It’s pretty much impossible to keep up with fashion trends, unless you have endless amounts of time and money.

(Which by the way, even if I did have loads of extra time and money, I wouldn’t want to spend both chasing trends that can change as quickly as every two weeks. Yup, every two weeks.)

Truth be told? For the most part, I avoid trends, and I encourage my clients to do the same.

When you spend your valuable time and money on pieces that you love, that flatter your figure, and that reflect who you are, you are investing in true style.

Most of the women I work with want fast, easy ways to look their best – without feeling like they have to go shopping every month to keep up.

I got you.

Do you want a free style tweak?

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Already done that and need more help?

Take my 4 week online class, Essentials of Style, and learn the stylist secrets I share with my individual clients


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P.S. My top tip for getting beach-ready when you’re not thrilled with what you’re bringing to the beach? Buy the most beautiful, breezy, cover-up you can find and wear it as often (and as long) as you like. (Bonus points if you can wear it as a tunic over white jeans!)

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