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Disclaimer: The words and opinions below are not mine, but those of my BFF since the third grade, Amy.  When she heard about my new style class, she demanded I market it to teachers – and wrote this:

Teachers: this is a call to action. We are performing below standard in a very important area: style. Not fashion, style. I see you wearing that $4 shirt you bought in the clearance section… the shirt that doesn’t fit nor flatter you in any way. I see the navy blue pants that you never hemmed, collecting dust as clogged feet slowly drag them through the halls.

summer amyIn my 18 years as a teacher I have seen it all. We have a long way to go.

We are hoarders by nature. We keep EVERYTHING, and that’s what makes our classrooms come alive. But what are the students really looking at during class? Us.

We need to learn to let go… not of the heart-felt trinkets, exemplar projects, or the 200-count box of glue sticks… but of all the clothes that no longer serve us. I did this several years ago with the help of my BFF (who also happens to be a personal stylist), and I can honestly say I am a better teacher for it.

When I dress well, I feel put together and confident, which helps me deliver my lesson more effectively. Plus, the students appreciate it! Imagine having to stare at a sloppy, disheveled mess for an hour…or for the entire day? It would actually be distracting.

Last summer I traveled to Paris for the first time. As a language teacher, I have traveled to many places, but Paris is my favorite. Everything is beautiful — wine, art, food — and people. Parisians walk in pride. What they wear is mostly simple, yet they look elegant. They know how to dress. Really, they know to live.

We need to learn how to dress. What suits us? How do we put it all together? Luckily, Jill Marinelli has it all figured out. What looks best for your body type? How should you accessorize? What do you need to buy, and what do you need to purge? Jill knows. Plus, she is the most hilarious, down-to-earth girl next door/best friend you ever had (but you can’t have her, because she’s mine). Teachers, it’s time to sit down and learn something new. Whether you hire her for one-on-one help or take her online class, working with Jill will be your best professional development of the summer.

If what Amy wrote resonates with you, check out Essentials of Style, my new online class designed for busy women who want to look and feel great – quickly and affordably!  Learn more here.

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