Sometimes even our best efforts to look good backfire…

 In Summer Style

A few weeks ago I found myself sprawled out on a sidewalk, sweaty and bleeding, looking up at four handsome, well-dressed men.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I had been out for a run, feeling spry in my new running gear.

I straightened my posture and quickened my pace (yup, I was showing off) when I saw a group of men heading toward me, on their way to the waterfront bars in my town.

Trying to make my uphill jog look effortless, I hoped I wasn’t too sweaty and crimson-faced from my workout…

As I moved toward the edge of the sidewalk to go around the gentlemen, my foot got caught in a flowerbed, and in slow motion, I watched myself trip, fall, and sprawl. Right onto the ground in front of them.

With my brother and nice after another run this summer (one in which I did not fall).

With my brother and niece after another run this summer (one in which I did not fall).

(In my mind I thought, “OMG, I’m going to fall right in front of them.”) Uh huh.

I fell hard on my left knee, ripped my brand new Fabletics capris, and was bleeding. I was banged up but not really hurt, except for holy shit, how embarrassing.

Sometimes even our best efforts to look good backfire. ?

Aside from the sidewalk incident, I seem to have put on my inevitable few extra summer pounds (remember that year all my clothes shrank?) and I must admit that the challenge of running a business with kids at home has me feeling a bit exhausted.

Does summer have you waving a white flag?

I can’t come make you dinner or drive your kids to camp, but I can help you organize your closet and feel great about how you look.

Give me a shout if you need me 😉


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