How to Wear “Greenery” – the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year

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Each December, the Pantone Color Institute announces their choice for the color of the year.  Their decision is based on trends they see across fashion, home decorating, automobiles, technology, and more.

Pantone describes the color of the year as, “A symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.”

“Greenery” has been announced as color of the year for 2017. What does this mean? More iterations of the dark green “Kale” I loved this fall as well as lighter, more yellow-y greens just in time for spring.

We’ll see this bright color in home decorating trends, housewares like the new Keurig, luxury items like the new 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT, and of course my favorites:  clothing and jewelry 🙂

So (assuming you aren’t going to plop down $112,000 for a new Mercedes), how can you incorporate this color into your world quickly and affordably?  


Whether you go monochromatic and wear green head to toe, or infuse your outfits with touches of “Greenery”, this color will brighten your winter days (and prevent you from wearing all black during these dreary months…)

I have two favorite pieces of jewelry I’ll be using to spruce up my wardrobe (both Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski):

“Spring Mix” necklace, $99 and earrings, $29


1.  The “Spring Mix” statement necklace

I would honestly pop this on with a t-shirt and jeans or go a bit dressier and wear it with my dark green fringed cardigan sweater (repeating colors in your outfits can look very rich).  It will also look awesome with your favorite all-black outfit (I know you have one)!

Note: Although I usually stay away from “matchy-matchy”, I will wear the earrings in this set with the necklace and in fact totally dig that they are a different green than the darkest green on the necklace.  Again, a rich, multidimensional look is achieved by wearing varying shades of the same color.




“Chanelle” necklace, $89

2. The “Chanelle” necklace in peridot 

A classic look in a lovely length, I’ll use this necklace to add color and visually elongate my face and torso.  Perfect if you have a high or crew neckline or a top that otherwise looks a bit boxy, this piece will create a vertical line down the front of your body, keeping the eye moving up and down and therefore making you longer and leaner.  Magical.

And you know my  advice about how every outfit should have color, pattern, texture and shine?  Well, both of these pieces count as your color and your shine making outfit creation easy peasy 😉

P.S. You can check the entire new Touchstone Crystal line in their new Spring/Summer ’17 catalog and look book video!

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