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There is a popular French expression, **bien dans sa peau**, that translates as being “well in her skin”. It relates to women and describes a general state of being rather than any one specific female feature.

French women are known for their style and grace because they keep things simple. No overstuffed closets full of the latest “fast fashion”. No shopping just to shop. They buy fewer pieces of clothing but in a higher quality so that each garment they own honors and flatters the body.

You can do this too. Knowing your style, honoring your body shape and making smart shopping decisions will help you look great on the outside but more importantly, build your confidence on the inside.

When you spend your valuable time and money on pieces that you love, that flatter your figure, and that reflect who you are, you are investing in true STYLE.

My intention with every client, audience, and project I work on is to help women feel a bit more “bien dans sa peau”. To help her feel more confidence, more at ease, and simplify her wardrobe so she knows what works for her and what doesn’t.

To learn more about how I can help you do this, click here.

To being well in your skin-

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