Shopping = Working Out. Kind of.

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Did you know that the clothing you wear actually affects your behavior?

It doesn’t just change the way other people see you. It changes the way you see yourself – and the choices you make.

Scientists call it “enclothed cognition” and it’s one of the reasons I’ll always encourage you to buy some really cute workout clothes 😉

(I’ll also encourage you to wear your workout pants right side forward, instead of backwards as I realized mine were just before this photo was taken…)

Researchers have found that wearing gym clothes makes it more likely that you will actually exercise, which may happen because wearing workout gear acts as a reminder to make healthy choices.

So, consider this permission to pick up a few new pieces that may just nudge you toward that walk, that run, or a visit to the gym.

(You don’t have to spend alot – I am pretty impressed with Old Navy’s selection and you can’t beat the prices.)

I shared some of this research on personal style’s relationship with confidence and behavior with my audience last month at the Bryant University Women’s Summit.

Do you have an event coming up you think I can add value to? I’d love to discuss how we can work together.

Whether it’s a private workshop for a group of friends or a corporate speaking engagement for an audience of 1,000, I’ve got fun, engaging material to share with you!

Happy Spring!

P.S. My online courses are newly updated and improved…

The new Essentials of Style has just been released (now including a private call with me!) If you are on a tight budget or live far away and want the online version of working with me, this is it.

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