Upgrading your Undies

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Have you taken a look lately at what you wear underneath it all? Just like you need basic wardrobe staples (the little black dress, a great pair of jeans, etc.) everyone needs the basics for her underwear drawer.

I am constantly amazed at the power what you wear has on your psyche. Recently I upgraded all my undies, saving just a few older pairs. My ratio of sexy to non-sexy is about 90% to 10% and why shouldn’t it be? You can be comfortable AND pretty. I feel fabulous! Plus, it’s like a little secret knowing that even my underthings are lovely 😉

In the midst of seasonal shopping, your unmentionables might get neglected. If you haven’t paid attention to this area of your wardrobe in a while, I encourage you to do so – there’s nothing like some pretty panties to put a little spring in your step!

Here’s how to get started:

• To get your undies in order, first you need to purge. Start with panties. Take them all out of their drawer and lay them on your bed.

• Throw away old, ripped, stained, seen-their-day underpants. I know you all have at least a few pairs that can get tossed.

• Take a look at what’s left and get rid of even more! You don’t need that many pairs of undies. Let go of underwear that you haven’t worn in years and/or no longer fit you. Be ruthless. I recommend aspiring to a 90% pretty, 10% ugly ratio 😉

• Next, take out all your bras and get rid of the beat up, pilled, way-too-comfortable (read: completely stretched out) bras. All the support from a bra comes from the band, and after about 6 months of regular wear, the band gets stretched out. If your bras are not snug there or ride up over your breasts, they are too big/too stretched out. Let ‘em go!

• Make a list of what you need to replace. Think about “upgrading”; for example, replace your granny panties with some (still comfortable) cute boy shorts or hipsters. Replace your basic t-shirt bras with something a little prettier.

Below are my recommendations for a basic underwear wardrobe:


T-shirt bra – A super comfortable bra with soft, molded, seamless cups that “disappears” under thin fabrics like light sweaters and t-shirts. (Not very exciting, but a workhorse in your wardrobe.)

Convertible / Strapless bra – this is a must-have for tops and dresses with tricky necklines or backs. Use it for strapless, one-shoulder looks, and more.

Racerback bra – the straps of this bra come together in the back for a no-show look under sleeveless tops and tanks.

Something sexy! – You can’t go wrong with something red, lace, or animal print. Whatever makes you feel fabulous!

Fit tips:
• When you try on a bra, make sure it fits you on the loosest hook. Bras stretch over time and when that happens, you can tighten the bra to the second and third hook to retain firmness and lift.
• Get measured every 6 months or with the loss/gain of 5 pounds. I recommend Nordstrom’s expert bra fitters.
• Racer back styles can be great for women with sloped shoulders (who otherwise often have shoulder strap slippage).


Nude thongs* – for under light colored clothing

Black thongs*

Tanga back panties – kind of a hybrid between thongs and bikinis, these panties show a bit of cheek 😉

Sexy bikinis – be impractical and own a couple of things that just make you feel sexy.

A great rule of thumb is to have 2 matching panties for each bra you own. They are usually offered in a couple of different styles so you can still mix it up!

* For those of you who don’t wear thongs because you think they aren’t comfortable, I recommend Hanky Panky – they are the best and the lace is stretchy and soft.

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