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*This was supposed to be a Facebook live. But you know, real life happened.

I’m buying a new house, packing up the old one, doing the mom thing, and running my biz. So, I’ve been living in a baseball hat and gym clothes lately.

Which seemed very un-stylist-like.

So I had been kind of hiding…

Except then I realized that duh, this “style” is so authentically me at this moment in my life right now.

I like exercising, I like gym clothes, and I don’t care all that much if people see me in them all the time (although I do need to switch it up with a new baseball hat – send me your suggestions!)

So. I had a few things to say, and sometimes a friend can be a great nudge to make me get sh*t done. You can hear about it in the video above.

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  • Cathy

    That was just perfect. Real. Honest. Most of all very true and a great reminder! Thank you.

    • Jill Marinelli

      Thanks Cathy!

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