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I’ll never forget his name and the moment he made fun of what I was wearing.

7th grade. Day of the school dance. I repeated an outfit that I had worn earlier in the week. I didn’t have many clothes I felt good in, and certainly not enough outfits to get through a week.

So I repeated my favorite grey corduroys and sweater. And got called out for it.😫

Now I actually encourage people to repeat outfits and create a “uniform” of sorts. Maybe not the exact same clothes everyday like Matilda Kahl famously did, but a similar version of an ensemble that works.

I’m so pleased to see the conversation around women’s dress move in the direction of simplifying and repeating — and making our lives easier!

Even a princess can (and should!) rock a #stylerepeat.

What we wear affects our mental well-being, creativity, productivity, and authenticity. If you or someone you love doesn’t feel confident in this area, I can help!

Do you need help finding the magic formula for your unique “uniform”?

Overwhelmed by a closet full of clothes you don’t like?

Not sure how to dress for your body shape?

Navigating a changing body and weight gain or loss?

Feel free to reach out to me with questions at jill@jmstylist.com or order a gift certificate for a loved one here.

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