I’m ready to burn my quarantine clothes.

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I’m ready to burn my quarantine clothes.

Yep, I’m totally over those same cozy-stretchy-not very flattering pjs and sweats I used to rush home to with heart eyes after a regular work day, BC*.

Turns out that months of constant wearing has made me not only sick of my clothes, but sick of how they make me feel.

Pj’s at my desk in the morning are cozy, but once mid-day hits, I feel BLAH.

I don’t dare suggest we all wake up, shower, get dressed, do our hair/makeup/whatever. Because truthfully, right now, that’s too big of a leap.

Maybe you’ll join me in taking a baby step. I’m going to stick with the coffee in my pjs at my desk for the morning routine. It can be quite a delicious start to the day. But – knowing I don’t feel good after a few hours, I’m going to at least put on workout wear around lunchtime.

The bonus to this plan? Wearing athletic clothes makes you more likely to work out. (Try it out for yourself if you’re hoping to avoid (or remediate!) the quarantine 15.)

You can learn more about this concept here.

In a nutshell? Researchers have found that wearing gym clothes makes it more likely that you will actually exercise, which may happen because wearing workout gear acts as a reminder to make healthy choices.

On days I’m not going to exercise, I may even put on “real clothes” (note: practically anything goes these days). A pair of jeans and a tee make me feel like a superstar.

So if I buy anything right now, it’s going to be (stretchy, of course) new jeans (current faves below), a tee or two and some new workout wear (so I don’t continue to want to burn mine).

Even though most of us see hardly anyone, you can dress for yourself and see how you feel, if you hold yourself differently at your desk or during a zoom call or on a walk with the kids.

We are up against something massive here, and it will require some resistance, but I am a fan of baby steps as they are attainable and not too overwhelming.

So, it’s your friendly neighborhood stylist here, suggesting you (kind of) get dressed, for about half the day, and see how it goes. Maybe later I’ll push you a bit harder. Stay tuned 😉



*Before Coronavirus

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