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My Personal Stylist Training Program was developed for busy women who want to start a personal styling business – or add personal styling to an existing business like personal training, health coaching, retail sales, etc.  I’ve designed this training program so you can do it from anywhere in the world, on any schedule – even in between school drop offs, kids’ sports, and grocery store runs!

Broken out over 6 weeks, my online training program is now available via rolling admission, (you start when YOU are ready) and modules are delivered weekly upon registration.

From measurements, body type analysis and closet cleanups, to personal shopping, creating a website, and getting clients, I provide everything you need to start a styling business.  I share everything I learned in my own training as well as my own real world experiences as a personal stylist.

Week 1:  Getting Started
Week 2:  Building Your Website
Week 3:  Style Consultations & Body Type Analysis
Week 4:  Closet Cleanups
Week 5:  Personal Shopping
Week 6:  Marketing / Getting Clients



~Access to previously recorded “best of” discussion calls from previous group trainings.

~Two 30 minute one-on-one coaching calls with me to answer your questions and ensure your success.

~Membership in our exclusive Facebook group where you can network with and find support from other participants in the program.


The investment for the 6-week training program is $1,450.


Two payments of $750 – one upon registration and one due before Module 4
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  • "Jill's Personal Stylist Training Program was an awesome experience!  It was well worth my time and a great investment that gave me the building blocks to start my own personal styling business. The program is very well organized and easy to follow. Jill is a great resource and a wealth of knowledge based on her many successful years in the personal styling world. She provided an open line of communication to answer any questions I had. I loved the fact that she shares her own successes and mistakes. They really helped me to learn some of the do's and don't of the personal styling industry. I highly recommend this program to anyone that is looking to start a business in personal styling."

    Aimee N. Personal Stylist Training Program
  • "I just wanted to say THANK YOU for a great class! The curriculum was well put together with the combination of business elements, self-image boosting material recommendations, goal-reaching techniques, and of course the styling pieces. I’m so impressed with the amount of quality content that you provide and with your success; you are a true inspiration. A sincere ‘thank you’ from your favorite student in Albuquerque, New Mexico!”

    Jen S., Albuquerque, NM Personal Stylist Training Program
  • bridget"Jill's Personal Stylist Training Program was the best class I have ever taken.  It had a simple layout which made it easy to go back and review the content given and it was FULL of her knowledge and experience. She was always available to answer questions and helped me to establish my own style as well!  I probably learned more about styling and starting a business than I did at my 2 years of art school in Chicago where I majored in fashion business. I highly recommend Jill's class if you have the ambition to be a personal stylist! It is worth every penny!"

    Bridget G., Chicago, IL Personal Stylist Training Program
  • marilyn"I enrolled in Jill's Personal Stylist program to follow a passion of mine (fashion) and to enhance my nutritional coaching business, enabling me to offer additional services to my clients. Jill's program was chock full of information, fun and for the first time in my life, homework assignments were enjoyable and I approached them with enthusiasm. She is professional, confident, and knows how to make her clients look and feel their very best. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have studied under Jill Marinelli."

    Marilyn S., Bristol, RI Personal Stylist Training Program
  • Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 11.11.52 AM"I recommend Jill's Personal Stylist Training Program to anyone looking to become a stylist. She created a feeling of family in our group - where judgement wasn't present and support was abundant. The course was informative and fabulous. Jill is an exceptional teacher and mentor!"

    Ashley T., Boston, MA Personal Stylist Training Program
  • Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 11.13.59 AM"In Jill's Personal Stylist Training Program, she exposes all the tricks of the trade she has learned through her experience as a personal stylist. As a mother and full-time career woman, I was able to participate at my own pace without getting overwhelmed. I highly recommend Jill's class to anyone who may be interested in becoming a stylist!"

    Sherri T., East Greenwich, RI Personal Stylist Training Program
  • britt"Jill's Personal Stylist Training Program fit perfectly into my busy schedule. She was always available when I had questions and her explanations were extremely thorough. The course organization and progression just made sense and I feel confident as a stylist! Highly recommended!"

    Brittany F., Pittsburgh, PA Personal Stylist Training Program
  • tsloan"After years in the corporate world, I decided to follow my passion in personal style. I really wanted to learn from someone who had built a successful business and Jill's Personal Stylist Training Program provided me with everything I needed! She was an open book and willing to share some of the mistakes she made along the way - so that I didn't have to make the same ones. I was able to take what she taught me combined with my own style to create my business. Beyond the training program, I respect Jill as a person. I always look forward to talking with her and am inspired every time I speak with her."

    Tracey Sloan, Bridgewater, NJ Personal Stylist Training Program
  • Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 10.51.14 AM"Jill's Personal Stylist Training Program was amazing! I would recommend this program to future stylists. It is so informative and so much to be learned. Jill does it in a way where you feel comfortable and work at your own pace. Great class!"

    Stephanie M., Providence, RI Personal Stylist Training Program
  • lynn"I signed up for the Personal Stylist Training Program with the desire to learn, but what I actually got was a wonderful foundation to begin my career as a stylist and also a great understanding of what is necessary to begin a successful business.  Jill couldn't be any more approachable or informative. She is so forthcoming with sound advice and guidance all the while allowing me to develop my business vision.  A worthwhile investment for the future you!"

    Lynn M., Swansea, MA Personal Stylist Training Program
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