Cultivating your own personal style does not need to be another stressful thing on your to-do list.

In four, fun weekly modules, Essentials of Style will teach you the stylist secrets I share with my own clients – clients who are real, everyday women like you.  

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about celebrities with perfect bodies and unlimited budgets!

Essentials of Style is rooted in the reality of everyday life and my own personal experiences, including those pesky extra 5-10 pounds, strained budgets, kids, carpools, husbands, divorces, and grocery store runs 😉

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How To Create Your Own Unique Style

What we wear has a profound impact on how we feel about ourselves.  Cultivating an individual style that is a true reflection of who you are builds confidence and communicates your best self to others.

How To Create An “Active” Closet

What needs to be purged from your closet – for good?  The hard questions to ask yourself when determining what to keep and what to give away.

How To Determine Your Body Type

You wouldn’t renovate your home without taking measurements, so why would you dress your body without knowing its dimensions? You will learn to take proper measurements, determine your body type and learn to dress for your unique shape.

How To Shop Smart and Get the Most For Your Money (a.k.a. Avoiding “Emergency Shopping” and “Sales Goggles”)

About 50% of clothing purchases are considered impulse buys.  Knowing how to avoid these pitfalls will save you money and help you build a more carefully curated closet.


When you’re done with the modules, you’ll get a 30 minute one-on-one call with me!

I’ll answer any lingering questions, give you personalized recommendations for your body type, provide shopping tips… whatever you need.

How would you like to open up your closet and find only clothes

that fit you, flatter you, and make you feel fabulous?

What if shopping could be fun and easy because 

you know the styles that work and don’t for your figure?

You create personal magnetism when you align your image with who you are – uniquely, distinctly you, in the most powerful and transformational way.

Join me in Essentials of Style and you’ll receive four weeks of content, video tutorials, email inspiration, worksheets, and a 30 minute personalized phone call with me at the end so you have the confidence of knowing you look and feel your best.

And because it’s online, you can follow the modules at your own pace, according to your schedule.

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