• "Jill has an incredibly powerful presentation style that inspires attendees to think differently, while doing so in a very human, accessible way. Jill doesn't talk at your attendees. She talks with your attendees and, in so doing, is memorable, relatable and impactful.  Our members were excited and passionate to start employing Jill's frameworks to up-level their style to reach a heightened level of confidence. Jill is a dynamo presenter; we will still be talking about her workshop for years to come!"

    Carrie Majewski Founder, Women in Leadership Nexus
  • "To rescue wardrobes that are more like war zones, look no further than personal stylist Jill Marinelli. She helps new moms and those going through life or body transitions turn their closets into streamlined collections that suit the owner. Schedule an appointment for an overall inspection and Marinelli will offer suggestions of items to be purged and others on which you should splurge."

    Jamie Coelho Rhode Island Monthly
  • "Jill is simply a pleasure to work with! She has terrific consulting skills and strong emotional intelligence. I have used her for personal style help as well as for several corporate projects. I love that she has expanded her positioning to the broader topic of the power of personal appearance in driving your individual brand. And it is a gender neutral need; men as well as women can benefit from Jill's approach. She is judgment free and full of practical suggestions."

    Roberta B. Senior Vice President, Marketing and Enterprise Learning, FM Global
  • "I can’t even begin to describe how awesome it was to spend time with you. To say you are delightful is an understatement! You are simply lovely. The Closet Cleanup was so much fun, I learned a lot, and purged - which I love to do! What is most important is how you made me feel.  You have such a great spirit and so positive it made me feel so good. I have a peace because of that time in your presence and that is not only super rare, it’s priceless. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

    Sherry C. Slatersville, RI
  • "The URI Alumni Association was so fortunate to have Jill Marinelli as a featured guest speaker for the Women's Council Spring Symposium. Jill shared the importance of personal style to the students in the audience who are nearing graduation and about to enter the real world. She gave practical tips such as how to wear a uniform, where to shop, and how to feel confident with your every day style. She is engaging, professional, and a true class act. I would recommend her as a speaker to any company or organization!"

    Michaela C. URI Alumni Association
  • "I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for your help with rejuvenating my wardrobe. I always felt like staying polished would require too much time and effort. This was totally a false illusion! I actually spend less time picking out my outfits now - and the way I feel about myself has changed dramatically. I've been amazed at how much my wardrobe refresh has helped me. I feel like a better version of myself. So, thank you, not just for the style tips, but for the positive impact you've had on my life."  

    Kelli V. Warwick, RI
  • "Thank you so much for the amazing style tips you gave at the Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski national conference! At 4 feet 7 inches and almost 42 years old, buying clothes and styling an adult my size is a challenge everyday. I am going to look for “my uniform” and take your tips with me! Thanks again for sharing valuable information!"

    Caryn S. Douglas, MA
  • "Jill's Personal Stylist Training Program was an awesome experience!  It was well worth my time and a great investment that gave me the building blocks to start my own personal styling business. The program is very well organized and easy to follow. Jill is a great resource and a wealth of knowledge based on her many successful years in the personal styling world. She provided an open line of communication to answer any questions I had. I loved the fact that she shares her own successes and mistakes. They really helped me to learn some of the do's and don't of the personal styling industry. I highly recommend this program to anyone that is looking to start a business in personal styling."

    Aimee N. Personal Stylist Training Program
  •  "I was able to attend Jill’s session at the Bryant University Women’s Summit this year and was blown away by the depth of her presentation.  Jill effectively explained how the way we dress and carry ourselves indirectly communicates so many varied messages- both to others and ourselves.  She integrated research and used great examples of how we can not only amp up our style but also feel fabulous and leave lasting impressions.  Jill is very relatable and approached the subject in a down to earth way, showing that every woman has the capability to make slight tweaks and changes to her style without breaking the bank or getting to her “ideal weight". The experience was lively and interactive; I couldn’t wait to implement some of Jill’s ideas when it was over!"

    Jane M. East Greenwich, RI
  • "Jill, I had an absolute ball with you on Friday--thank you.  And when I ordered the dress we loved (in the correct size, no less!) it was 50% off.  Can't beat that! I'm particularly over the moon about that leather jacket.  I'd have never even tried it on!  Your taste and understanding of what flatters different figures carried the day, and besides--it was such fun."

    Jennifer S. South Kingstown, RI
  • "I just wanted to say THANK YOU for a great class! The curriculum was well put together with the combination of business elements, self-image boosting material recommendations, goal-reaching techniques, and of course the styling pieces. I’m so impressed with the amount of quality content that you provide and with your success; you are a true inspiration. A sincere ‘thank you’ from your favorite student in Albuquerque, New Mexico!”

    Jen S., Albuquerque, NM Personal Stylist Training Program
  • "Jill is our go-to fashion guru, lending her knowledge of the latest fashion trends and style secrets every woman wants to know.   She’s a polished speaker and presenter and commands an audience, both live and on video.  In our fashion-based business, Jill has helped our sales force feel confident by looking their best and giving them great style tips they can share with their customers.  Jill is a trusted professional and a pleasure to work with."

    Nicole Polacek, Senior Manager - Promotions, Events & Communications Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski
  • "I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and working with fellow boss lady entrepreneur and personal stylist Jill Marinelli. She came to my apartment for a 1 hour style consultation and completely blew me away! Her energy and passion was such a breath of fresh air. Ladies, if you're in the Providence (and surrounding) area and are looking to feel more put together, express who you are through your style, and feel more empowered around what looks work well for you check her out!! Can't say enough good things about her. "

    Kate G. Pawtucket, RI
  • "Jill uses evidence-based principles rooted in behavioral science to support her straightforward, simple advice. Her visual aids were powerful but succinct, and she was completely relatable and likable. Sometimes, we just need to be reminded of what we already know; we need to be given permission to spend extra time and money on things that matter (i.e., make a big impact) and not on things that don’t! I really appreciated Jill’s approach and manner of humanizing embarrassing fashion foibles (like showing up to a meeting with a wrinkled shirt or a run in your nylons) while helping us gain perspective on small, easy fixes that will prevent us from stepping in those same traps over and over again. I could listen to Jill all day; she is a remarkable person and a wonderful presenter!"

    Emily R. VP of Programs & Education, ILEA Rhode Island
  • "I hired Jill Marinelli as the featured speaker for an industry-wide meeting to present: “The Power of Personal Style: How to Make a Memorable First Impression While Boosting Your Confidence – and Your Bottom Line.” Jill addressed what can be a sensitive subject in an informative, insightful and graceful way. Her dynamic presentation, backed by credible studies, made the case for professionals dressing in a manner that is personal, powerful and projects confidence so that our experience, effectiveness and excellence will shine though. Her expertise combined with an engaging presentation made for a memorable, highly praised experience."

    Andrea M. Marketing Communications Manager, Discover Newport
  • Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 4.02.38 PM"Jill supports women in understanding personal style as a form of both self-expression and self-care. She steers away from fads and helps her clients and audience members find a chic, comfortable, engaging way to make their insides and outsides match. Some of what she offers are particular tips and tricks, but the message is larger: you can easily become an even more powerful version of yourself. Because she is not only very smart and savvy, but very real, she accomplishes this through a clear, compelling delivery interspersed with humor and personal vulnerability."

    Maria DeCarvalho unleashspirit.com
  • eruiz"I had a great time working with Jill! I've lost a lot of weight but I'm not at my goal yet — she did a great job dressing my body in this time of transition. I haven't been out of my gym clothes in months and wasn't sure what would work best for me. Jill is professional, full of personality and did an awesome job making me look good!"

    Elizabeth Ruiz The Biggest Loser Season 10
  • "I had such a great time shopping with you and learning from you! The impact this has had on me is greater than I expected. On Monday I wore one of my new outfits and felt energized but observed that I’d had some insecurities that I’d programmed into myself that were now no longer applicable. For example, I walked by a previous colleague that I hadn’t seen in years and who is fast-rising in the company on my way to lunch. My mind immediately jumped to a thought pattern I didn’t realize I had which was: “oh, too bad I don’t look more polished today. Would be nice. Oh well. Just the way it is.” That thought started to run through my head, but stopped – I didn’t need to think that. I actually did look pulled together.  And I felt the same way today – ran into one person, walked passed another, and realized each time that the previous thought pattern was no longer valid. That’s pretty powerful.  Thank you!  I didn’t know how deeply this would impact me.”

    Lauren T. Norwood, MA
  • "I can’t believe I hesitated to work with you! There is a difference between reading in theory about your body shape and actually having a personalized prescription. I feel like I really ‘get it’ now and know what to look for. I was left with no unanswered questions and real direction for my outfits whilst still honoring ‘my’ taste and style preferences. Thank you for a fascinating day - you have such talent, Jill, and real heart."

    Shelley P. Lincoln, RI
  • bridget"Jill's Personal Stylist Training Program was the best class I have ever taken.  It had a simple layout which made it easy to go back and review the content given and it was FULL of her knowledge and experience. She was always available to answer questions and helped me to establish my own style as well!  I probably learned more about styling and starting a business than I did at my 2 years of art school in Chicago where I majored in fashion business. I highly recommend Jill's class if you have the ambition to be a personal stylist! It is worth every penny!"

    Bridget G., Chicago, IL Personal Stylist Training Program
  • rhodeshow"Fashion magazines and splashy storefronts can make style seem out of reach for many.  Jill breaks the stereotype and finds ways for all women – regardless of age, size, or budget – to embrace their personal styles and learn what works for them.  Through her work on The Rhode Show, Jill speaks woman-to-woman and is relatable; she presents information in easy-to-understand, visual ways that most viewers can apply immediately to their lives."

    Rebecca Johnson WPRI 12 CBS, News Director
  • bryant"Jill’s presentation at the Bryant University Women’s Summit was extremely fun, engaging, and inspiring. Her extensive experience with and knowledge of fashion and personal style was highly valued by the professional women in attendance. It became clear that many women in the audience benefit from Jill’s advice because it gives them the confidence they need in their appearance to further enhance the confidence they have in other aspects of their lives."

    Teresa McCarthy Associate Professor of Marketing, Bryant University
  • claired"Spending the day with Jill was worth every minute. She educated me on my body shape as well as the clothing and colors to make me look fabulous whether going to the grocery store or going out on the town. After 28 years of wearing very conservative clothing for my job, I was intimidated to find my own personal flair. Jill addressed my concerns and showed me how to incorporate my own brand of fun into my everyday wardrobe."

    Claire D. Providence Journal Makeover Winner
  • bethanyw Working with Jill has been such an uplifting experience. The wardrobe makeover isn't about her passing judgement on what isn't working. Rather, it is about her helping me define who I want to become - and what that person looks like, dresses like, and aspires to be. Thank you Jill!

    Bethany W. East Greenwich, RI
  • debt"I had no idea what a profound effect working with Jill would have on my personal style and self confidence. Before I would buy something because I liked it and it fit (so I thought). Not surprisingly, everything looked the same … boxy, black or beige. Now I shop with a critical eye towards styles that actually fit and flatter me most, all based on Jill’s advice and guidance. I am finally wearing clothes that are the right size and that highlight the positives of my shape (even dresses and skirts have found their way back into my closet after a 15 year hiatus). I highly recommend working with Jill. She will deliver more value than you ever thought possible."

    Deb T. Wrentham, MA
  • aerling"Jill is on top of the trends while remaining true to personal style. She’s worked with The Rhode Show for years, and is always able to take someone’s vision and transform it into a better version of themselves. Whether with our hosts or a makeover candidate, Jill really fulfills what the person is looking for while understanding that true style is more than just how you look; it’s how you feel."

    Ashley Erling The Rhode Show – WPRI-TV CBS 12, Executive Producer
  • elizabethh"Jill, thanks so much for yesterday, it was such a Cinderella/ Fairy Godmother experience!  I also wanted to tell you how inspired I am by the passion you have for your job.  It makes me so excited for the next chapter of my life. Thank you for that too!"

    Elizabeth H. Miami, FL
  • janinec"It is obvious that Jill is invested in what she does and really enjoys empowering her clients. She advised me in regards to an upcoming local TV appearance. Her knowledge and experience helped me put my most stylish self in front of the TV cameras. I’m sincerely grateful, Jill. Thank you!"

    Janine C. North Attleboro, MA
  • nicoles"Almost 3 years after having my daughter, I was dressing and feeling like a middle-aged mom. Jill went through my closet with me and not only helped me get rid of the offending clothes, but alsoshowed me the types of clothes I should buy for my body type, style and age. She then followed up with a list of suggested items to complete my wardrobe. I feel fresh and organized and now have room in my closet for some new clothes. Fabulous!"

    Nicole S. Ramsey, NJ
  • teran"Thank you for today! The photo shoot was so fun and you made me feel so at ease and confident. Hope to work with you again soon!"

    Tera N. Girl Gone Healthy
  • Alison2"I want to thank you for your wonderful style consultation and closet clean out. I feel lighter, having purged my closet of all the things that really weren’t working for me anymore. Your warmth, kindness and objective eye were so helpful. Thank you for a really fun experience and for helping me make the most of this transition into a new phase of my life."

    Alison K. East Greenwich, RI
  • christinat"Having Jill help me choose clothing and accessories has been exhilarating! She has helped me summon my inner fashionista. I now look forward to shopping and finding that fabulous sweater or pair of jeans (Thanks, Jill!)"

    Christina T. North Providence, RI
  • kathyc"Thanks again!  Not only are you incredibly talented, but you have a gift of making people feel comfortable in their own skin — no easy task!"

    Kathy C. Providence, RI
  • lyndag"As the winner of a Providence Journal makeover contest, I was the fortunate recipient of Jill’s fashion expertise. Although I always knew I was wearing the wrong size and style clothing, I didn’t domuch clothes shopping because I didn’t know what to wear. Jill changed that! In the beginning, she sent me a very detailed questionnaire to get a sense of what I like and what I wanted my image to be. I was amazed at what a difference the right style and size clothing could do. I look forward to working with Jill again to help me select a stylish, chic fall wardrobe."

    Lynda G. Providence Journal Makeover Winner
  • emacmullen"Jill’s presentation was my favorite part of Miriam Hospital’s Women’s Wellness Workshop!  She was enthusiastic and creative in her presentation and used everyday women as models to show how different types of clothing work for bodies of all shapes and sizes.  I look forward to hiring Jill to go through my closet and provide her creative advice on how to make the best use of my clothing and closet space.  I know that her expertise can make all the difference in my look!"

    Ellamarie McMullen Miriam Hospital Women’s Wellness Workshop
  • triciab"My husband told me to go shopping with you every quarter. I wore the gray cardigan and necklace we bought with cropped skinny jeans and literally got 4 compliments in 3 hours. Seriously, it feels great to have outfits I know work well for me and are unique. Thanks!"

    Tricia B. Belmont, MA
  • brynad"Thanks again for an AMAZING job! I LOVE all of the outfits – you seem to get my style and what I like. Thank you so much! I’m excited to use your services in the future!"

    Bryna D. Eagle, ID
  • Liza2"What a change… I went from a drab, crumpled, conservative, and sloppy woman to one with style and flair! I hated shopping; Jill made buying clothes easy and interesting. The day we went shopping everything was ready and clothes were put together so I could see the looks she had in mind for when I needed to put them together to wear. Jill is amazing; she helped me to find my inner stylish woman!"

    Liza R. East Greenwich, RI
  • lconway"I attended one of Jill’s workshops on dressing for your body type. It was such a revelation! I learned to recognize and purchase pieces that would look good on my body type and not buy things just because they were “cute” (for someone else!) or on sale. That one hour workshop has saved me thousands of dollars."

    Lyn Conway Bristol, RI
  • heatherw"After being on maternity leave for for five months, I was intimidated to spend two days in meetings in New York City.  But I followed your guidance and put together two sharp outfits that increased my confidence in the conference room. Thank you!"

    Heather W. Providence, RI
  • michellet"Having been on a 12-year roller coaster with my weight, I had accumulated multiple ‘wardrobes’ over the years. Never had I considered what clothes looked best on me nor had I ever given any thought to what I wanted to project about myself with my image. Instead, I grabbed random items off the clearance racks when convenient or necessary. I had acquired a collection of clothing items that went on my body, but none that “fit” me. After a 25 pound weight loss and a lifetime commitment to wellness, my husband recently bought me the perfect birthday present — time with Jill Marinelli!" (Click here for full testimonial)

    Michelle T. Fort Myers, FL
  • andream"Growing up, I was never able to identify my own personal style.  When I won a style consultation and personal shopping with Jill through a contest, I was absolutely ecstatic!  Jill really took the time to learn about me so that she could tailor the experience to who I am, what I wanted, and how I wanted people to perceive me.  I can really say that I came out a better version of myself and I felt like a star the entire time.  It also helps that I learned my pant size was actually smaller than what I was wearing!"

    Andrea M. Warwick Mall Makeover Winner
  • katec"I am still on a high from yesterday! It’s actually a bit challenging for me to concentrate today after spending that incredible day with you. I sit here typing this email to you wearing my new skinny jeans, the wonderful grey sweater you found for me and that fantastic striped scarf. I look and feel amazing. You have absolutely changed my life! I don’t say that lightly.  As you said in your radio interview, there is a direct connection between how people look and how they feel."

    Kate C. Northvale, NJ
  • marcyw"Cleaning out my closet with you might be the best thing that has happened to me this year! I am so happy! Your expertise and advice are mixed with wisdom and sensitivity. You brought the knowledge of fashion to my house."

    Marcy W. Providence, RI
  • sheila t"Thank you for giving such a wonderful presentation! Even the folks who were a little nervous because they’re not “fashionistas” loved it! And thank you for your generous spirit in reassuring everyone that no matter their size, age or wallet, they can look and feel better about themselves…such a wonderful message and given in such a non-judgmental way."

    Sheila T. Little Compton, RI
  • debw"Jill helps women live more authentically and beautifully in their own skin."

    Deb W. East Greenwich, RI
  • marilyn"I enrolled in Jill's Personal Stylist program to follow a passion of mine (fashion) and to enhance my nutritional coaching business, enabling me to offer additional services to my clients. Jill's program was chock full of information, fun and for the first time in my life, homework assignments were enjoyable and I approached them with enthusiasm. She is professional, confident, and knows how to make her clients look and feel their very best. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have studied under Jill Marinelli."

    Marilyn S., Bristol, RI Personal Stylist Training Program
  • Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 11.11.52 AM"I recommend Jill's Personal Stylist Training Program to anyone looking to become a stylist. She created a feeling of family in our group - where judgement wasn't present and support was abundant. The course was informative and fabulous. Jill is an exceptional teacher and mentor!"

    Ashley T., Boston, MA Personal Stylist Training Program
  • Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 11.13.59 AM"In Jill's Personal Stylist Training Program, she exposes all the tricks of the trade she has learned through her experience as a personal stylist. As a mother and full-time career woman, I was able to participate at my own pace without getting overwhelmed. I highly recommend Jill's class to anyone who may be interested in becoming a stylist!"

    Sherri T., East Greenwich, RI Personal Stylist Training Program
  • britt"Jill's Personal Stylist Training Program fit perfectly into my busy schedule. She was always available when I had questions and her explanations were extremely thorough. The course organization and progression just made sense and I feel confident as a stylist! Highly recommended!"

    Brittany F., Pittsburgh, PA Personal Stylist Training Program
  • tsloan"After years in the corporate world, I decided to follow my passion in personal style. I really wanted to learn from someone who had built a successful business and Jill's Personal Stylist Training Program provided me with everything I needed! She was an open book and willing to share some of the mistakes she made along the way - so that I didn't have to make the same ones. I was able to take what she taught me combined with my own style to create my business. Beyond the training program, I respect Jill as a person. I always look forward to talking with her and am inspired every time I speak with her."

    Tracey Sloan, Bridgewater, NJ Personal Stylist Training Program
  • Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 10.51.14 AM"Jill's Personal Stylist Training Program was amazing! I would recommend this program to future stylists. It is so informative and so much to be learned. Jill does it in a way where you feel comfortable and work at your own pace. Great class!"

    Stephanie M., Providence, RI Personal Stylist Training Program
  • lynn"I signed up for the Personal Stylist Training Program with the desire to learn, but what I actually got was a wonderful foundation to begin my career as a stylist and also a great understanding of what is necessary to begin a successful business.  Jill couldn't be any more approachable or informative. She is so forthcoming with sound advice and guidance all the while allowing me to develop my business vision.  A worthwhile investment for the future you!"

    Lynn M., Swansea, MA Personal Stylist Training Program
  • tracy"Thank you so much for another wonderful speaking engagement at Roger Williams University! Our Fashion Marketing students learned so much from your dynamic presentation. You are both a wealth of knowledge and a wonderfully uplifting speaker."

    Tracy LeRoux, Adjunct Professor Gabelli School of Business, Roger Williams University
  • Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.32.30 PM"I think of you every time I get dressed for business events and I never have to wonder whether I have something to wear.  It's great every time!!"

    Wendy L. Alexandria, VA
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